Why Does it Matter?

Last year in America, over 10,000 people were murdered. We all agree this is a bad thing.
During the 20th century, around the world, about that same number were murdered each and every single day. Even more astonishing, these murders were all "legal." In fact, they were all carried out by various governments around the world. This number does not include abortions, legal or otherwise. Last year around the world, there were about 135,000 abortions each and every single day.

These murders are not necessary. There are about 200,000,000 Americans who call themselves Christians. These are, by and large, the most powerful people in the world. They have enough money to end poverty and illiteracy around the world simply by tithing 10% of their income to groups committed to Christian Reconstruction. But 200,000,000 Christians are not investing in the future of the planet because they believe "Jesus is coming soon."

These murders are not necessary because the governments that perpetrated them are not necessary.

If you're ready to study the Bible and find out what the future really holds, there are several places to go from here.

  1. www.ChristianGlobalism.com
    Jesus Christ came to rule the entire world. But not as an earthly king rules.
  2. The Christmas Conspiracy
    True Christians are conspiring to make all nations the disciples of Christ.
    When an earthly government becomes Christian, it disappears.
  3. Eventually all earthy kings and rulers will be converted to Christ, they will end their earthly governments, and the entire world will become a global Christian Theocracy, or Christocracy. Secular rulers see this as a threat to their governments. They are correct. Jesus commanded His followers to be "anarchists" with respect to earthly governments, and "Theocrats" with respect to the government of Christ.
    The Anarchist Bible Bet.

The message of Christmas -- the first coming of Christ -- is a message of Global Theocracy. This "good news" began at the first Christmas. It does not wait around for a second incarnation of Christ.

For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given,
and the government shall be upon His shoulders.
Isaiah 9:6

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