Counting the Costs

Jesus said to count the costs.

How much does this Bible Study program cost?

First, what is the cost of your being a pawn in the New World Order? What is the cost of waiting around for Christ's Second Coming -- like too many Christians have done for centuries -- instead of taking risks like America's Founding Fathers to preserve the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

Second, what is the value of your time? We're asking you to substitute this daily study program for 1 hour of the mainstream media each day:
  • 1 hour of "American Idol," or
  • a half-hour of the CBS Evening News and a half-hour reading the sports section of your favorite newspaper, or
  • 2 half-hour sit-coms, or
  • 1 hour of escapist fiction, romance novels, or
  • 1 hour of computer games, off- or online, or
  • 1 hour of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or other "drive time" radio as you commute to work (Those enrolled in the Full Coaching Program have access to MP3 downloads of this home-study program to burn to CD so you can listen in the car while you drive to and from work), or
  • any combination of 1 hour's worth of the mainstream media each and every day. Cut it out.
Are you willing to make that "sacrifice?"

Third, what is your time worth? If you wrap up burgers at McDonald's, your time is worth less than $9/hour. That means the total cost of this program is $3,285: that's how much you can make at McDonald's instead of studying the five most important works in the history of Western Civilization and completely transforming your understanding of the Bible and gaining a Biblical Worldview. If you're a lawyer who bills your clients at $250/hr., this program will cost you $91,250.

If you're mistaken, and God has not predestined the world to get worse and worse until Armegeddon destroys millions of people before the Second Coming ends everything, and the truth is that God wants you to change the world and start ripples through history that will last for generations, is $100,000 better than the approval of your Lord?

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant!"

Isn't this what you want Jesus to say to you?

How much is that worth to you?

Studies show that this program will be more effective if you're invested in the program; if you have a little skin in the game; something that will motivate you to persevere in this study.

We suggest you go down to the bottom of the page and sign up for our home study course. You'll receive 356 lessons, one each day for the next year. We suggest you pay us $95 for this program, or $9.50 per month. That way you won't just let the lessons accumulate in your email box. If you're homeless and using a computer in the public library, or if your money was taken from you by President Bush and given to Wall Street Executives, we'll ask our donors to create a scholarship for you. Nobody will be turned away for lack of money.

How did we come up with $95 as a number?

Jesus says "the laborer is worthy of his hire," and you'll agree that those who labored on our New 95 Theses are worth one dollar per thesis.

If you had to hire someone to read you the five most important works in the history of Western Civilization, you would surely pay them minium wage. That would be more than $2,000 for the recordings.

$9.50 per month, or $95 for the full year.

A money-back guarantee.

It isn't the money that's holding you back.

It's the fear of finding out that you've been wrong for years.

It's the fear of learning that God has bigger responsibilities for you.

It's the fear that you're not going to be able to wait around for Jesus to hand you your completed duties on a silver platter.

Turn these fears into opportunities.

Put your email address into the box at the bottom of this page, and you won't receive a bill for 30 days. By then you'll be convinced that this daily habit is what you should be doing for the next 365 days.

After that, a new life will be waiting for you.

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