Where We Go From Here?

If you already agree that we are not in "the end times," then there are two questions you should be asking:
  • Where are we headed (or where should we be headed)?
  • How do we get there?

The purpose of this blog is to prove that we are not in "the end times." If you agree that we are in the beginning times, then you are aiming to take future-oriented action.

Preparation for this task is the same as the antidote to the "end times" virus. This blog offers a home-study course on the Bible and Western Civilization. You can sign up at the very bottom of this page. It is a year-long course on the fundamentals of a Biblical Worldview. Year Two of this course focuses more intensely on the fundamentals of Christian action.

The answer to the two questions above is: "I don't know."

Nobody can know what the New Jerusalem will look like in 200 years, or 2000 years. And nobody can draw the map that gets there.

So how will we get there?

Man's purpose is to turn the Wilderness into a Garden. The Garden is also described as a City: The City of God, or the New Jerusalem. One thing we know: it's an improvement.

Today the idea of global improvement, or progress, is dying.

In another post we have described the "Human Armageddon" -- the desire, or the plan, or the surrender to the idea of exterminating billions of human beings. There is a problem with "over-population," we are told.

Are there too many human beings on planet earth?

Imagine every human being on the face of the earth crammed into the state of Texas. Six Billion people. Population density would be a little more than 20,304 per square mile -- 1,373 square feet of land area per person. That's about the size of the suburban Southern California house I grew up in, and there were three other people in my home.

So let's say every human being on the planet lives in the state of Texas in a home with the same population density as the one I grew up in. That would already be the New Jerusalem for more than a billion human beings. That would take up about one-third of the area of Texas. One third of the state of Texas could then be devoted to industry, stores, businesses, etc.; one third of the state could be for parks and recreation areas, and the entire human race could live in the spacious and enviable style of moderate suburban housing in one third of the state of Texas.

The rest of the United States would be empty.

Nobody in Mexico or Canada.

South America would be completely vacant.

Not a soul in Africa.

Europe and Asia would be empty.

Not a human being anywhere in the world except in one-third of the state of Texas.

And "experts" say there are too many people? That the planet is "over-populated?"

In 1979, the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare was renamed the Department of Health and Human Services, and its education functions transferred to the new Department of Education. The U.S. federal government has done a lousy job of taking care of health, education, and welfare.

If Christians in America would tithe 10% of their income to the task, every human being on the planet could be taught to read the Bible and understand the Gospel, all diseases like Malaria could be treated, and a basic standard of welfare imparted.

Using private Christian dollars, and no government-confiscated tax revenues.

Book Review: The Scandal Of The Evangelical Conscience - Acton Institute PowerBlog

Of course, Christians in America are not that spiritual. Old Testament believers were required to tithe 10%, but Christians in America only give about 1/4 the amount that believers under the Old Covenant -- without the Spirit having been poured out in abundance -- gave.

Shame on Christians in America.

Their laziness has given rise to calls to exterminate billions of human beings.

If Christians would organize, they could build the New Jerusalem.

And when I say "organize," I don't mean "create a global super-state." I simply mean practice true religion:

Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.
James 1:27

If Christians would first dedicate their wealth to the cause of building the New Jerusalem, and then allocate it to those who are also dedicated and doing something about it, the infrastructure will spontaneously emerge, without central government planning.

Planning: Christian vs. Pagan

The first step is dedication. We must be dedicated to the task of reconstructing the planet. We must be willing to fund the effort. No one can predict what will happen next. It will be awesome. God will get the glory.

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